‘Halloween’ Trailer: Michael Myers Is Here To Slash Jamie Lee Curtis Yet Again

30 SHARES FacebookTwitter With the release of David Gordon Green’s “Halloween,” not only will the long-running slasher series has spawned three flicks with that exact title, but will have also created at least four different timelines of separate, contradicting continuities (five if you count the completely self-contained and Myers-free “Halloween III: Season of the Witch“). […]

‘Teen Spirit’ Trailer: Elle Fanning Is An Aspiring Pop Star in Max Minghella’s TIFF-Bound Directorial Debut

24 SHARES FacebookTwitter Even if the name Max Minghella sounds unfamiliar, you probably know who he is. Fans of “The Handmaid’s Tale” will likely recognize him as Nick Blaine, while David Fincher aficionados may remember his appearance as Divya Narendra in “The Social Network,” but what really matters is that the UK-born actor is hopping […]

Viola Davis Rallies The Troops In New ‘Widows’ Clip Before The Steve McQueen Film Debuts At TIFF

26 SHARES FacebookTwitter As the Toronto International Film Festival begins to click into gear, we’ve got a new look at Steve McQueen‘s highly-anticipated heist thriller “Widows,” where Oscar-winner Viola Davis gets her fellow future thieves in gear for their upcoming robbery. Be sure to listen for Hans Zimmer‘s tricky score pattering around the background on […]