Everything coming to HBO Now in December 2017

Everything coming to HBO Now in December 2017 If you find yourself with a shiny new streaming device this holiday season, HBO Now will give you plenty to watch. A bunch of big movies will hit the streaming service, highlighted by the premiere of one of the biggest comic book movies of the year. Logan […]

‘The Man Who Invented Christmas’ Gives Dan Stevens A Charming Yet Formulaic Holiday Biopic [Review]

Movies that center around writers tend to vary. The process of writing is so inherently introspective that trying to make that narratively interesting can be tricky. There are exceptions, of course. There are great movies, like Spike Jonze‘s “Adaptation,” that found ingenious, heartbreaking ways to depict what it means to be a writer without overdoing […]

Jude Law Joins ‘Captain Marvel’

It’s not often that single character from a TV series becomes a meme, but Jude Law‘s titular “The Young Pope” enjoyed a brief life on the Twittersphere earlier this year. Cinephiles in particular were charmed by the eccentric character. And while that probably had little bearing on Marvel‘s decision to recruit the actor for their […]

Joe Wright’s ‘Darkest Hour’: Nearly Quitting Movies After ‘Pan,’ ‘Dunkirk’ Connections & More

When director Joe Wright, the filmmaker behind “Pride and Prejudice,” “Atonement,” “Hanna” and “Anna Karenina,” finished the movie “Pan,” and it was released into the world, he felt shattered. The expensive, big budget spectacle bombed at the box office and he wasn’t sure he’d go on. ‘Darkest Hour’: Gary Oldman Is Simply A Force Of […]